TikTok has to pay a sky-high fine: here’s why

TikTok is not having a lucky day to say the least. The popular app has to pay a fine of 750,000 euros. According to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP), the app has violated the privacy of children. This is because users have not been given adequate explanations about what data the app collected from them.

Last month, the Consumers’ Association and the Take Back Your Privacy Foundation already accused TikTok of violating the privacy of children. According to these organizations, children are entitled to compensation of 1.5 billion euros. The judge has now ruled in favor of the organizations. The fine that TikTok now has to pay is a first step.

TikTok keeps a close eye on children

TikTok is an app loved by millions of children. Users make short videos of themselves on the platform, which they then share with their followers. In addition to these movies, the popular app also collects other data from children, such as recorded videos, photos, location data, and the child’s behavior on the app.

That may sound harmless, but nothing could be further from the truth. The data that the company collects is in some cases sent abroad. And data data cannot always be safely stored there.

Money earned behind children

According to the Take Back Your Privacy Foundation, TikTok has collected data from more than 1.2 million children in recent years. The data that the company collects is passed on to companies for advertising sales. Thanks to this strategy, the company has become a real gold mine. The parent company’s revenue is currently estimated at approximately $37 billion.

Friederike van der Jagt, chairman of the Take Back Your Privacy Foundation, already opened up about the company’s interests last month. “TikTok is actually not a social platform, but a marketing platform that unlawfully collects private data from children in order to earn big money over their backs,” said Van der Jagt. “TikTok is designed to let children watch videos for as long as possible, so that it can collect as much data as possible. We want TikTok to stop its illegal practices and adjust the app so that children can use TikTok safely.”

Sandra Molenaar, director of the Consumers’ Association, also spoke out about the state of affairs surrounding TikTok. “The company makes hundreds of millions a year off the backs of children. And that while the privacy law prescribes that children should be extra protected. But TikTok doesn’t care about that. It secretly collects all kinds of private information from children and uses it for advertisements, which earn a lot of money. TikTok has turned children into a product.”

Fines can be higher

In addition to the fine of 750,000 euros, TikTok may have to pay more claims for damages. The company, which recently moved to Ireland, has been accused of more privacy incidents. However, it is up to the Irish regulator to decide. TikTok is not happy with the outcome. The company has since filed an appeal. So this incident is bound to have a twist.

TikTok may have to pay 1.5 billion euros to Dutch young people: this is how it is

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TikTok has to pay a sky-high fine: here’s why

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