Tilburg protests against the result of ‘infected duel’ with Kampong

The chapters in what can now be called the affair of the possibly non-eligible player, follow each other in rapid succession in the men’s major league hockey. But in the meantime, hockey association KNHB is still silent. To the dissatisfaction of, for example, Tilburg chairman Rob Kluyt.

He therefore lodged a formal protest on Monday morning against the result of the match that his club played against Kampong on Friday, September 25 (score 2-4), because the guests have allowed a player who may not be eligible to play. Based on the corona measures, he should not have been on the field with the Utrechters.


“Last weekend we saw in disbelief the reports about a player who was not eligible to play”, says Kluyt. “On Monday there was contact with the union and the chairman of Kampong because we wanted clarification about that story. But we only received negative and deviating stories. On Tuesday, however, we received confirmation of our suspicion from various sides.”

The next day it was announced that the disciplinary committee of the hockey association would conduct an investigation into the state of affairs surrounding the game in question in the men’s league. “And then, pending the investigation, you should refrain from commenting, I think.”


But then Kluyt saw on Sunday evening how Pinoké coach Jesse Mahieu, who had played with his team against Kampong earlier that day, expressed his displeasure in front of the NOS camera about the lack of communication from the union. Pinoké would rather not have played against the Utrecht team because of the corona story.

“He had not heard from the union, for which the world apparently just keeps turning. That is not allowed and that is not possible. The union must take this up urgently and clearly indicate what is and is not tolerated. Through our formal protest, I hope that bond is going to start moving. With a red card, the procedure can also be completed quickly. “

Below is the interview in which Pinoké coach Jesse Mahieu expressed his dissatisfaction with the union’s actions on Sunday: