Today is Walk to Work Day, how do you do that with working from home?

Today is the Walk to Work day. Yes! But yes, many people work from home. Has that been given a twist for walking?

The Netherlands has had the Walk to Work Day since 2015. Initiator Wandelnet encourages everyone to walk (part of) the distance from home to work and to move during the working day.

The Walk to Work Day when working from home

Not everyone lives within walking distance of work. The undersigned happens to be half an hour from the Subwayeditors, that’s why the slats go under every now and then. In any case, walking through corona has really taken off. Many people go for 10,000 steps a day. Anyway, a lot of people work from home. How are things going during the Walk to your Work day?

Easy. Wandelnet calls for a walk during the (home) working day. However, it does not stop at a call, some action has been taken. The Kick-off of the Walk to Work Day takes place this morning at 10:00 am at Stichting Wandelnet met de Wandel during your Working Day Relay.

Outgoing Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management starts the relay. She does this by means of a video message in which she emphasizes the value of walking. The minister hands over the walking stick to Ankie van Dijk, director of Wandelnet. Van Dijk then walks part of the weeting route together with alderman Hans Buijtelaar of the municipality of Amersfoort. More about that in a minute. The same Buijtelaar is working on an Amersfoort running plan, which should make the city more walk-friendly and healthier.

Above you can read how to participate in the relay races during the Walk to your Working Day. So it’s easy, post something on social media, add a hashtag and pass on that baton.

Erik Scherder, professor of neuropsychology and ambassador of the Ommetje app (Brain Foundation), concludes the relay. He does this with a video message, handing over the walking stick to the rest of the Netherlands. Scherder gives three reasons for walking a lot in the next video.

Walking and meeting at the same time

This morning, various Weeting routes (for walking meetings) will also be launched. You can find the different routes here. Wandelnet hopes that walking and walking meetings will not remain with this Walk to Work day. The foundation reports: “Research by Wandelnet shows that a walk is the most popular daytime activity for (home) working in the Netherlands. Walking during work is not only important today or during lockdown. We must maintain this walking behavior together. ”

Said investigation took place in January. It turned out that 96 percent of people walk regularly to daily during the (home) working day. Six reasons are important here. Get some fresh air, stay fit and healthy, relax, clear your head, experience nature and go shopping.

Would you like to know more about the Walk to your Work day? Then look here.

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Today is Walk to Work Day, how do you do that with working from home?

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