Trump does not rule out new candidacy: ‘who knows, I might beat them for the third time’


Trump said he would not start a new party, about which stories were told. ‘That was fake news. I will stay with you because we already have a party. ‘ It was Trump’s first public appearance since he left the White House on January 20 to make way for Democrat Joe Biden. “Our fantastic journey that started four years ago is far from over,” Trump said. “And in the end we will win.”

Since his tumultuous departure, the Republican Party has been torn between those who want to move on without Trump, such as Mitch McConnell, the Republican minority leader in the Senate, and fans who continue to support him despite the election loss. Trump continued to claim fraud without evidence, after which supporters carried out a deadly storm on the Capitol on January 6.

Trump said on Sunday that there is “unity within the Republican party.” The only difference there is, the former president said, is that between “a handful of establishment types in Washington and everyone else in the rest of the country.”

In the speech, Trump also gave his successor Joe Biden a swipe, including on immigration and security at the border with Mexico and the slow reopening of the schools. “We all know the Biden administration would be bad, but none of us could imagine how bad it is, and how left-wing it is. Joe Biden had the most disastrous first month of a president in modern history. ” With the criticism, Trump is trying to position himself as the main critic of the new US president. The Biden administration has previously announced that it will ignore Trump’s speech.

Problem Republicans

With Trump appearing to remain prominent, the Republican Party has a major problem. In a recent poll of Republicans, nearly half of those polled said they would rally with a party of Trump if it said goodbye to Republicans and started a party for itself. Only a little more than a quarter said they would not leave the Republican party if Trump leaves, and the rest did not know yet.

Trump received 74 million votes in November, more than any Republican presidential candidate ever received and 11 million more than in 2016. The former president zou have already consulted advisers at his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida over the past week about the course to be followed for himself and for the party. For example, a start should be made to establish a network and fund to support pro-Trump Republicans ahead of the 2022 House of Representatives and part of the Senate elections.