Turner Schmidt can’t play at the World Cup due to injuries

Casimir Schmidt will not compete at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Japan. The 25-year-old gymnast was injured during a training session on the jump on Friday and had to withdraw from qualifying for the men, which is scheduled for Wednesday. Schmidt is struggling with an ankle and shoulder injury.

Schmidt skipped podium training on Sunday in the hope of being able to get into action on Wednesday. “Three days is just too short for a good recovery and a good game,” said national coach Bram van Bokhoven from Kitakyushu. “That’s a shame, because he was fit and sharp. It’s not a serious injury. He is expected to fully recover within a few weeks.”

For Schmidt it is the second disappointment this year. He previously failed to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

On Wednesday morning, Jermain Grunberg, Loran de Munck and Frank Rijken will take action on behalf of the Netherlands in the men’s qualifications. In the women’s competition, debutante Elze Geurts qualified second for the final on vault. Naomi Visser managed to force qualification for the all-around final.