Twitch says sorry for using the term ‘womxn’ | after fierce criticism NOW

Streaming platform Twitch has come back to the idea of ​​spelling the English word women (women) to ‘womxn’. The company wanted to use the new term to convey gender neutrality, but the plan received a lot of criticism from the transgender community.

The term ‘womxn’ is an alternative for people who women find old-fashioned and sexist. Some think the term includes trans women and non-binary people, but that is disputed.

Several LGBTI communities have called Twitch’s plan transphobic, as they say the term suggests that trans women are not women.

Twitch says via Twitter that it has decided for the time being women to continue to use. “We have yet to learn. Our good intentions don’t always have a positive impact. We want to learn from these experiences, do better and make sure we are inclusive.”


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