Two deaths from self-driving Tesla accident, presumably no one behind the wheel

A police spokesperson in Harris County, Texas, said that according to initial findings, one occupant was in the passenger seat and the other in the back seat when the car went off the road at high speed, crashed into a tree and caught fire.

According to the preliminary investigation, it is ‘almost 99.9 percent certain’ that no one was behind the wheel during the accident, police spokesman Cinthya Umanzor said. The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper reported that it is still being investigated whether the car’s automatic driver assistance system was switched on.

Tesla calls its automatic driver assistance system AutoPilot. But the company regularly points out that the driver still needs to keep his hands on the wheel and always be ready to take control. While these types of functions are getting better and better, they do not make the car fully autonomous yet. As early as 2018, American consumer organizations accused Tesla of misleading drivers with promises about the safety and capabilities of the AutoPilot technology. They said it was cheating and they forced US regulators to intervene to prevent more accidents from happening.

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