‘UEFA does not allow stadium in rainbow colors’

The stadium in Munich may not be lit up in rainbow colors during the European Championship match between Germany and Hungary, the German daily reports picture.

Munich city council wanted to illuminate the Allianz Arena in rainbow colors in protest against a law recently passed in Hungary banning the “promoting” of homosexuality and gender reassignment among young people under the age of 18.

The law may prohibit books, movies and other media containing sexual content that is not heterosexual. Also advertisements in which homosexuality or transsexuality is “normalised” may no longer be shown.

according to picture UEFA rejected the request because according to the rules, all stadiums must display the colors of UEFA and the participating countries.

Rutte does not want a statement from Orange

The new law has already sparked large-scale protests in Budapest. The Dutch national team will travel to the Hungarian capital this week, where it will play in the eighth finals of the European Championship next Sunday.

Outgoing Prime Minister Rutte called the Hungarian law “really unacceptable”, but does not think that Orange should make a statement. “Keep the sport, keep the athletes out of it,” says Rutte, who thinks protesting is a political task.

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