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UK National Health Service wants to transport COVID-19 tests by drone | NOW

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) wants to transport COVID-19 tests by drone. The British government supports the company Apian, which believes that corona tests taken with the drones can be brought to the laboratory more regularly, more reliably and faster.

Apian wants to install landing pads at hospitals, laboratories and warehouses, from where the unmanned planes can be supplied or delivered. In addition to corona tests, the company can also use the drones for protective clothing, for example.

The company wants to investigate whether drones can use a network of airways to improve healthcare. The electric planes navigate through these ‘airways’ by means of GPS.

The NHS division of England expects the investment to continue to provide added value after the pandemic. For example, the drones may be able to transport medical equipment, blood bags and medication in the future.

The United Kingdom reported at least 10,000 positive COVID-19 tests daily in the first two weeks of October, mainly in England. That country alone had days with more than 15,000 new cases reported. That is considerably more than in the preceding weeks.

The Dutch government advises to travel to the United Kingdom only if really necessary.


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