‘Until June the GGD was not convinced of the use of the CoronaMelder app’ | NOW

The GGD was not convinced by the CoronaMelder app until June, reports the NOS Monday.

The GGD was afraid that the app would get in the way of source and contact research, writes the NOS on the basis of documents obtained through a request under the Government Information (Public Access) Act. The organization also wanted to prevent people who had already been informed by the app of their contact with a corona patient from being approached by a regular contact investigator.

In addition, the GGD felt that the government was working too quickly with the development of the app. Furthermore, according to the NOS little clear about the concerns that the GGD had about the app.

In a letter on June 22, the GGD expressed concerns that the app could not be properly implemented and that results could not be properly measured. At that time, the app should be introduced on July 15, which the GGD found too soon.

Ultimately, the app was rolled out across the Netherlands on October 10. In a response to NOS, the GGD says it is now satisfied with the app.