Update for Samsung Galaxy S20 makes 4G unusable at KPN | NOW

Some Samsung Galaxy S20 users no longer have access to KPN’s 4G network after installing a software update. This is evident from a growing number of complaints on support forums.

It is not known exactly how many customers are affected by the 4G problems.

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer recently released updates for the Galaxy S20 series, which were to improve the camera operation, among other things. This update also appears to be causing problems for KPN customers.

Users report that after installing the update, they will only be able to access 3G internet. They will no longer be able to activate 4G unless they reinstall the old software version via a detour.

Providers on KPN’s network also seem to suffer from these problems, including Lebara. Simyo, Budget Mobile and Youfone also use the KPN transmission towers.

The provider and smartphone maker have not yet responded to the problems.