Van Hecke is also moving very fast in Heerenveen: ‘Can write a book about it’

Among other things, it was written that AS Monaco would want to buy him. “That seemed a bit too far to me, but my agent said it was really true. So I went to talk there and the clubs were already out, but I didn’t feel like I really had a chance of playing time in Monaco. , so I didn’t do it anyway. “

When a club came out of the Premier League, his dream competition, and a clearer plan was also presented to him, Van Hecke took it. Brighton & Hove Albion is now his employer, but part of the plan is to make playing minutes in the premier league.


That is now happening on a rental basis at sc Heerenveen. Trainer Johnny Jansen is very happy with it. “JP is just doing very well, I quickly realized that. It is because of his great character that he takes such big steps. He is a fighter, who fights for every centimeter. And I think he still has a few more. is going to make nice steps. “

Van Hecke can already do that on Sunday afternoon. Because then Ajax is the opponent and he must defuse attackers of Champions League level. Although Ajax’s line-up is not yet known, Van Hecke assumes that he will meet Dusan Tadic in the striker, but he is not afraid of it. “A world-class player, I’m looking forward to it.”