Violent robbery in Gordon’s home: beaten, kicked and threatened with death

Gordon was robbed in his house in Amsterdam-Zuid last weekend. The presenter says that the robbers assaulted, threatened and tied him on the night from Saturday to Sunday, after which they took his debit card, credit cards and jewelry.

Gordon Heuckeroth tells De Telegraaf that the two robbers put a knife to the throat. “I thought I was going to be killed.” His management confirms the story in the newspaper, but does not want to add anything in the interest of the investigation.

The investigation is still working on the investigation into the home robbery. It is not clear how the robbers got into Gordon’s house.

Beaten, kicked and humiliated

The 52-year-old former singer says in De Telegraaf that he is “devastated” by the robbery. “It seemed like a nightmare. I was beaten, kicked, humiliated and they threatened to stab me to death. I was convinced I was going to be killed. I tried to speak calmly to the perpetrators, but they kept yelling at me.”

The robbers left Gordon tied up, but he managed to free himself. He ran into the street in a panic, after which security guards from a museum caught him and called the police.

The presenter of SBS6 programs like 100 Years Song and Patty & Gordon in search of eternal youth has been given extra security since the robbery, as is his home, De Telegraaf writes. Friends would have caught him.

Last weekend it was also announced that Gordon is infected with the corona virus and is in home quarantine.