Volleyball player Slöetjes finally stops: ‘itches to play did not come’

Lonneke Slöetjes has definitely put an end to her volleyball career. The 30-year-old Slöetjes said last year that she had already lost the pleasure in the sport and said she wanted to think about her future.

She did that and there is no room for top sport anymore. Slöetjes chooses to spend more time with her family and wants to focus on her social career.

“Over the past year I have been looking for motivations and motives to start playing again. However, the itches to go back to playing did not come. I notice that I get a lot of energy from other things that come my way and that I can learn, for example. in the field of my study “, Slöetjes said in a statement.


Slöetjes was one of the strongholds in the Dutch team for years and played 302 international matches for the Orange. For a long time considered one of the best diagonal players in the world, she scored many points with her strong right arm.

In 2016, Slöetjes with the Netherlands finished fourth at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. A year later she won a silver medal at the European Championship and in 2018 the Netherlands came fourth at the world championship.

Slöetjes was also extremely successful in a club context. She made her debut in the premier league with Longa’59 and via Pollux, Münster, Busta Arsizio and Schwerin she ended up at Vakifbank Istanbul in 2015. She celebrated her greatest club successes in Turkey on the basis of coach Guidetti. She won the Champions League twice and the World Cup for club teams twice.

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