VVCS angry about second wage offering Feyenoord: ‘Totally wrong way’

The players of Feyenoord have to make a wage offering again. Just before the weekend, the Rotterdam club management came up with this announcement, which went wrong with the players group.

It is the second time this season that the selection has to make a wage sacrifice. Feyenoord is in dire straits due to the corona crisis and has to make drastic cuts. The Rotterdam club loses 900,000 euros per home match.

This ensured that the Feyenoord selection had already been cut their salary for six months in 2020. That appointment expired on December 31.

Louis Everard, director of the VVCS players’ union, is angry with Feyenoord. “If you have financial problems, talk to your players, but do not impose it as a one-sided dictation. This is a totally wrong course of action. The players of Feyenoord have already made a wage sacrifice and that was a very hefty sacrifice”, he says at Langs de Lijn on NPO Radio 1.

Legal conflict

Everard: “What is happening now is not possible at all. Only if the players individually agree to an offer, this is possible. As a club you should not want this, and certainly if Feyenoord you should not want this at all. Feyenoord is the only club in The Netherlands who does this like this. The next step is now up to the club: try to find a compromise. If the players do not accept this, there is a legal conflict. Then the case will go to the arbitration committee … “

Trainer Dick Advocaat announced on Sunday afternoon that he wants to talk about this subject with the players group on Monday.

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