Web designer knows how to buy an Argentinian domain name from Google for 2 euros | NOW

During a recent Google outage in Argentina, an Argentinian web designer bought the domain name google.com.ar for 270 Argentinian pesos – about 2 euros. As a result, all users in the country ended up for a short period on the website of 30-year-old Nicolas Kuroña, writes The Guardian.

When the Argentinian saw that Google was affected by the outage, he tried to find the cause of the outage with the NIC, the Argentinian company that manages the domain names ending in .ar. To his surprise, he discovered there that Google’s Argentinian domain name was for sale because Google’s license in the country would have expired.

Kuroña shared the owner’s rights on Twitter, where many users approached him because they ended up on his website via Google. “I never had any bad intentions with Google, I just tried to buy it and the NIC allowed the transaction,” said the web designer.

According to The Guardian there was a misunderstanding. Google’s domain name would not be available for sale at all yet, as the license would not expire until July. The error could therefore be quickly rectified. Kuroña has not been refunded the purchase amount.

Google has not yet responded to the matter.


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