Weekly updates CoronaMelder confuse iOS users | NOW

A summary weekly update of iOS about the CoronaMelder leads to confusion as to whether or not users have been in contact with someone with the corona virus. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) is currently receiving many questions about the updates, a spokesperson confirms.

These are updates that iOS itself sends around about the number of contacts with other app users that the iPhone in question has registered for the CoronaMelder. These do not have the CoronaMelder logo, but are so similar to notifications from the app that they prove confusing for users.

The notifications are based on data stored locally on the phone. It is therefore not the case that this information is sent to Apple and that a weekly update is created from there.

In older versions of iOS, these updates mention “potential exposures”, where the user was not actually close enough to a corona patient to be at high risk, for example. The CoronaMelder itself does not see this as a possible exposure, but iOS does.

Only if the CoronaMelder itself issues a warning, there has therefore been a risky exposure.

These specific notifications have been removed in the latest update of iOS, the ministry confirms. Apple has been made aware of the confusion. The question and answer page of the CoronaMelder will also be adjusted shortly to explain the weekly updates.

This message has been supplemented with further explanation.