What can Djokovic still expect in the coming days?

What is going on?

Djokovic traveled to Australia last week on the assumption that he could participate in the Australian Open due to evidence of a recent corona infection. In Melbourne he was stopped at the airport: he could not give a good reason why he had not been vaccinated and the evidence of his recent infection was not sufficient for a medical exemption.

An Australian judge subsequently ruled in favor of Djokovic, but allowed him entry into the country, partly because the head of the medical service of the Australian Tennis Association said Djokovic had a “medical exception from vaccination” due to his recent infection.

The association was found to have incorrectly informed players and the Australian judge ruled that the government had acted unreasonably.

Djokovic later admitted that he had also made a mistake when filling out his entry form. He stated on the form that he had not been to other countries in the two weeks before arriving in Melbourne, but it could be seen on social media that he was recently in Spain.