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Woman burned alive: car manufacturer has to pay relatives more than 6.5 million euros

Breanna Bumgarner was hit by a Toyota pickup near Spencer, West Virginia, in March 2016. As a result of the collision, the door of the then two-year-old Ford Mustang jammed and a fire started, after which the woman was unable to escape the flames.

The West Virginia jury says Ford is 99 percent responsible for the woman’s death. The fire started because liquids started to leak due to the collision and Ford is said to have taken too few measures to prevent this. The Toyota driver who hit her was responsible for 1 percent, the jury said West Virginia Gazette.

The jury awarded $2 million for Breanna’s “conscious pain and suffering” and $5 million for the family. Ford is likely to appeal. The American brand has a bad reputation for manufacturing errors: no fewer than five of the ten deadliest manufacturing errors in automotive history can be traced directly or indirectly to Ford.

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