World Bank allocates USD 12 billion for corona aid in developing countries | NOW

The board of the World Bank on Tuesday approved an amount of 12 billion dollars (about 10.2 million euros) in corona aid for developing countries. With the funding, developing countries should be able to purchase corona vaccines, tests and medication so that they can then be made available to their residents.

The financing plan is part of a package totaling $ 160 billion. Money from the World Bank, a body that provides loans to developing and middle-income countries to combat poverty, should help developing countries survive the corona crisis until June next year.

According to the World Bank, the funding program also includes technical assistance for recipients to help these countries prepare for large-scale use of vaccinations. With the aid program, the agency wants to make it clear to pharmaceutical companies that there is also a high demand for corona vaccines in developing countries, and that there is also money for this.

In March, the World Bank also made billions in funding available to developing countries. At the time, the emergency package consisted of up to $ 12 billion.