Writer Hafid Bouazza (51) died

Writer Hafid Bouazza has died at the age of 51. Which reports its publisher Querido. According to Querido, Bouazza had been struggling with poor health for some time. He died in the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam.

Bouazza was born in Morocco and came to the Netherlands when he was seven years old. His most famous book Paravion is about three generations living in a village in Morocco. Villagers who have emigrated to Amsterdam send parcels back to the Moroccan village.

Paravion was nominated for the AKO Literature Prize in 2004 and won the Gouden Uil, a Belgian literature prize. In his work, in essays and in opinion pieces, Bouazza was regularly very critical of Islam.

Bouazza was also open about his drinking and drug use. He struggled with addictions for years.

The writer made his debut in 1996 with the short story collection Abdullah’s feet. He received the E. du Perron Prize for this. His latest novel Meriswin was published in 2014. According to Querido, Bouazza was currently still working on a novel.

In addition to novels and stories, Bouazza also translated Arabic, French and English poetry and wrote plays.

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