Young people: free contraception and lessons about indicating boundaries

Young people believe that schools should also teach how to recognize and respect boundaries during sex education classes. And according to young people, a new cabinet should invest more money in tackling sexual violence. They also believe that contraception should be available for free.

Ipsos surveyed the opinions of a thousand young people, on behalf of the knowledge center for sexuality Rutgers. The young people (18 to 25 years old) were asked what better policy should be arranged in the new cabinet period. This was done in the run-up to the parliamentary elections in March 2021.

Tackling sexual violence

80 percent of young people think that compulsory lessons should be given at school about recognizing and respecting boundaries. Three quarters believe that the government should put the fight against sexual violence higher on the agenda. In addition, some of the young people (59 percent) think that the Netherlands should address other countries if young people cannot make free choices there.

“We know from previous research that young people do not value sex education at school”, says Ton Coenen of Rutgers in the AD. “Young people expect more attention to relationships and dealing with each other.” According to Coenen, it is easier to cross borders outside the school – especially in ‘the nightlife circuit’. “We do not say: ‘no one is allowed to touch each other’, but make it negotiable. We know that the boundary is not the same for everyone. By learning to talk about it you can prevent sexual violence. “

VVD and GroenLinks popular

The political preferences of the young have also been examined. The VVD was most popular among men, and GroenLinks among women. Regardless of their party color, prevention is the most important to them: prevention of sexual violence, free contraception and access to abortion are in the top 3. “It seems as if the young people think less polarized on this subject than the parties themselves,” says Coenen.

“We see that the majority of young people of all political colors consider prevention important. From VVD (67%) to SP (86%). It is really high time that the new government took up the prevention of sexual violence. ”

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Young people: free contraception and lessons about indicating boundaries